I am a textile designer, weaver researcher and educator. This is a blog about my work in progress and things that inspire me. For weaving lessons, questions or just to say hi please don't hesitate to get in contact. You can see my website here http://www.juliastreou.com/

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I am happy to announce that you can now purchase a €50 gift voucher for your friends from my Etsy shop. If you are looking for a handwoven present for your friends, you can purchase a gift voucher instead and they can choose for themselves!  

I have also added a listing for the sisal set of a placemat and six coasters which you can see here, as well as another slight variation of the set which you can see here.  

I will be running a four-day weaving workshop from the 15th until the 28th of August. The workshop will be for beginners or anyone wishing to refresh the basics. We will focus on learning traditional ‘Phyti’ (you can see a colourful example above) and ‘Asproploumia’ designs, in an attempt to save these designs from extinction since traditional weaving is slowly dying out!  The cost  is €150 (incl. a €50 deposit to secure a place). If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me at jastreou@yahoo.com.   

Summer sale is on at the workshop and online shop! You can take a look at the sale items here. All pieces are of high quality (as always!) but since I have way too many designs, I am trying to reduce them for practical reasons! Hope there is something you like! 

Last week I participated, along with 7 more selected artists, in a painting plein air at Lazania Village, which was organized by the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts and Lazania’s Community Group for Initiative and Solidarity.

Lazania Village, a remote peaceful village in the mountains, offered inspiring views that fuelled our creativity. These past 6 days gave everyone the opportunity to come together, get to know one another and make new friendships - something which does not happen as often as we’d like in our every day routine.

The plein air was concluded with an exhibition of all the artists and the works they produced during their stay at the village. It’s amazing to see how productive those days were!

The weaving workshop started and ended with great success! After setting a good foundation and becoming familiar with simple and twill weaving, our workshop participants learnt the art of phyti weaving and practised designs such as the little arch (kamarouda) and the little cross (stavroudi). On the second day, they learnt the asproploumi, a lace-like weave and on the last day the participants learnt how the warp is made. The workshop was concluded with the participants creating their own designs by experimenting with different techniques and threads.

Below are some of their comments:

  • While holidaying in Cyprus I was fortunate to attend a traditional Cypriot weaving workshop held by Julia Astreou.  It was one of the highlights of my trip.    Julia, who is very knowledgeable, showed us many aspects of Cypriot weaving, my favourite being the asproploumi and how the warp is made.  It is great to have people like Julia who are willing to teach these traditional techniques, and by doing so, hopefully the traditional form of this amazing craft will not disappear. I highly recommend this friendly, informative and fun three day workshop.” MaryAnn Georgiou, New Zealand.
  • "I have the best impressions from the weaving workshop. It was an exceptional experience. During the workshop, I managed to combine traditional cypriot weaving with contemporary designs especially through examples of Julia’s work. With her help, I feel I got familiar with using the loom for simple, twill, phyti and asproploumia weaves. I can’t wait for more designs and experimentations under Julia’s guidance!” Annita Soutzi,  Cyprus